MS.c. in Data Science and Scientific Computing

Oct. 2020 - Mar. 2023

BS.c. in Computer Science

Oct. 2016 - Dec. 2019

Professional Experience

Research Assistant

Aug. 2022 - Sep. 2022

I Studied existing Cellular Automata models to find design solutions for efficiently modeling an unconventional fluid-based computational system and employed Evolutionary Computation for the optimization of the Cellular Automata rules.

Teaching Assistant

Oct. 2021 - Dec. 2021

Held weekly recitations for 10+ 2nd-year BSc students in Computability, Complexity, and Logic (Propositional logic, deductive systems, and first-order-logic).

Summer Schools

Aug. 2023

Selected to be one of the ~90 students attending the Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck pre-doctoral research school 2023. I will follow lectures with leading scientists from participating institutions on a variety of cutting-edge topics in computer science and have the opportunity to network with students from all over the world.

Aug. 2022

Through lessons and paper presentations, the school introduced the uses of AI for playing games,  generating content, and modeling players.